Etiquette and General Class Information

*Arrive: 5-15 minutes before class begins- this gives you times to park, unwind from technology (aka turn off your phone), put away your personal belongings, sign- in and pay for class. You then should have the time to get any props, place your mat and use the restroom if necessary. 15 minutes is usually appropriate- anything greater than that could be another class still in session or the teacher may need prep time.

*Turn off electronics: phones, watches- anything that rings, buzzes, or creates noise.  Not only is it rude, it's also a distraction to others as well as it is to yourself. This is your time to be totally present.  This is a time to escape the digital addictions.  Maybe consider skipping class altogether and returning when you can fully be present with no extra distractions and focus. 

*Be mindful with your personal hygiene: It's a reflection of how you treat and take care of yourself. Sometimes in class you may have your mat very close to others, even more so than you like due to a crowded room or lack of space- be mindful of the way you smell meaning personally or what you may add to yourself.  Take it easy on perfumes, colognes and lotions- some are very sensitive and the fragrance can literally make others sick not to forget allergies.  So, just be sure to brush your teeth, wash yourself, put on deodorant and etc. 1.) You will feel better and 2.) the other students will thank you. Be mindful of the air you and others breathe- strong scents travel easily during class.

*When arriving: on your mat enter quietly. Be respectful of yourself and others for some this might be their only quiet time, others may be in prayer or meditation. It's okay to acknowledge or say hello to others just do so in reverence and quietly.  Consider this space for reflection, self- study, maintain this quiet peacefulness- if you think about it in the end it's an extra bonus for you!

*Clean the space: after class if you borrowed a mat- be sure to clean it with the cleaning products in the room. Same goes for props- if you used any be sure to place them back to their proper location. If you have sweat all around your mat- be courteous and wipe it up; leave your space the way you found it, if not cleaner- it is respectful!

*Respect the teacher: You might find half way through class that you are not a big fan of the teacher, the playlist or the timing. Listen to the teacher, follow through with savasana and chalk it up as experience. Walking out in mid-class is okay in rare circumstances. If the class is too easy or too hard do what you can and what feels right for your body in that moment that could mean taking an appropriate variation.

*Do your best: to check your attitude and ego at the door. As the saying goes, 'everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about'. Be kind and gentle in your communication.  You are here for yourself- not others, so mind your mood- complaining, negative attitudes, gossip is better suited at your local watering hole.