Frequently Asked Questions

*What are the benefits of massage therapy?

     -Some of the benefits include: relieves pain, decreases overall muscle tension and stiffness, making the activities you love more enjoyable, relieves stress and promotes relaxation by balancing the nervous system, improves blood circulation and movement of lymph fluids, promotes faster healing of injuries like sprains and strains, increases range of motion and joint flexibility, enhances athletic performance, promotes deeper and easier breathing, improves posture, encourages your proprioception (awareness of your body in space), and alleviates depression and anxiety as well as many more. 

*What should I expect for my first session?

     -You should arrive 10-15 minutes early as a new client. This will give you enough time to fill out our health intake form, settle into the space and quickly go over your expectations for your first session with your therapist. It is important to list all health conditions, medications, injuries, allergies etc. so your therapist can adapt to your specific needs without causing any harm. 

*What do I do during a massage treatment? 

     -Make yourself comfortable under the sheets or as your therapist directs you. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, they will either move you or ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position at any time to make yourself more comfortable. Many people choose to close their eyes and relax completely, others feel more relaxed by talking some throughout the session. It is your massage, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

*Do I have to be completely undressed?

     -You should undress to your comfort level. Before your session begins, your therapist will leave you in privacy to remove whatever clothing you choose and to get comfortable on the table. Many people choose to be totally undressed or in underwear for their massage. Your therapist will work on one area at a time, while the rest of the body remains covered. Proper draping techniques will always be used to ensure that your private areas remain covered. 

*Will my massage hurt?

     -This depends on the depth and style of massage that you're looking for. If you're getting a Swedish/Relaxation massage comprising of lighter strokes, it shouldn't hurt. However, this scale varies from person to person and there is a difference  between "good hurt" and "bad hurt". The good pain is what you feel when you are releasing. You can feel the pressure and the sensations it's creating, but you're able to stay relaxed and breathe easy throughout. The not so good pain will immediately give you an "ouch!" response or you may just feel unable to completely relax. Even in a deep tissue massage, pain should have that "feel good" effect. If it feels like too much, communicate that immediately with your therapist and they will adjust accordingly. Post massage soreness can occur after an Integrated or Deep Tissue Massage especially if it's your first session or if it's just been awhile. 


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