Etiquette and General Massage Information 

*From the moment you book your massage appointment, you have made a commitment to your personal well being; thank yourself for that!  It's best to show up in comfy clothes that are easily removable, with minimal jewelry.  It may feel best to you to shower before arriving to be clean and more comfortable in your session.  Before you get onto the table, please make sure your cell phone or any other device is turned off or silenced to maintain a peaceful, distraction free environment.  

*You are strongly encouraged to speak up at any time within your session! This means communicating whatever could make you more comfortable during your massage.  This could be your temperature, the pressure your therapist is using, or the areas being worked on, etc. It's important for you to communicate about this because you took this time for yourself and we would like you to get as much out of that time as possible. 

*Your comfort is our priority!