Soulshine Yoga, Inc.

     Welcome to Soulshine Yoga, Inc., where we take pride in honoring ourselves and others. We enjoy sharing peace and relaxation with others whether it's through massage or yoga! We believe that this lifestyle is for everyone, it's up to you on how you choose to life your life! We are here to help guide you in the right direction, giving you the proper ingredients to succeed in happiness and well-being!

     Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that focuses on breath control, strength, and letting go.  Yoga is bringing one mind and body into unison while reaching out to other and giving back to the community.  Being able to relax the mind and body by giving back to ourselves.  Yoga is not about the funky or unique postures- it is learning how to accept ourselves for who and what we are and why we are here! Being gentle in voice, actions, thoughts and attitude; respects those who come to yoga for a safe, uplifting and truthful environment.

     Here at Soulshine Yoga, Inc., we practice to listen, honor and respect our bodies while still having fun. Whether you are here for a massage or a yoga class- we strive to stay true to ourselves and others.  While sharing positive, loving energy.  Soulshine encourages relaxation and overall well- being- on the massage table or yoga mat! Also, knowing that where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be! Everybody responds differently to yoga and massages: age, physical, emotional, etc. Embrace your practice, embrace your journey and let go of expectations! We believe yoga and massages are accessible to everyone- if you can breathe you can do this!  You have the choice to change your life while coming through a more relaxed way of living!